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Toothaches can be the symptom of a lot of different issues. Examples include biting into something hard, flossing, getting something stuck in between the teeth, or braces. Tooth decay or a cavity can also give you a toothache. However, throbbing tooth pain can also happen if there is an infection in the tooth or in the gums surrounding it.


This could happen for a number of reasons, but is potentially very serious. This could be caused by extreme tooth decay and can lead to both tooth and gum swelling. You may have an abscessed tooth and the infection can spread quickly. Call our office immediately!


If you have chipped off just a small piece of tooth enamel, we may repair the damage with a filling or bonding. If you are in severe pain or are bleeding excessively, have a major break, or have lost a tooth, that is a dental emergency and you should contact us.

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Dr Mitchell and his hygienists and front desk are the nicest and so caring and helpful. the office is clean and comfortable and very welcoming. Dr Mitchell all the work he has done I have no problem he always makes you feel that you are in good hands he is a skilled dentist. I recommend it 100%.

kim malasaga

If you want quality dental care, skilled professionals (doctors, hygienists and assistants) and a place that treats you as a human being, go to Avenue Dental. Dr. Mitchell and Denise are important people in my life! Everyone, from the front desk to the the new assistant being trained, are competent, kind and professional.

Lori Buratto

I have been seeing Dr Mitchell & the staff at 2 locations for many years now. The girls are all so genuine, friendly and glad to see me and me them. Questions are answered, and addressed. Care is taken. Dr Mitchell did crowns on my front smile and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm so greatful to him & his staff. ALSO: Kudos to Laura the Business Manager for several of their locations 😁 Thanks so much, Kathy Kendall

Kathy Kendall

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Dr. Navdeep Virk

Dr Virk graduated in 1997 from India with a BDS degree. and joined Univ of Penn for 2 years where he was involved in leading research in dental materials. After Univ of Penn, he joined Post-Graduate program in operative dentistry at Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor where he learned to do very advanced cases.

Dr Virk being passionate about dentistry is one of the very few fellows of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Studies and has helped many patients with their migraines, TMJ pain, and smile makeovers. Currently, he is pursuing to gain the knowledge from Kois Center to educate himself on different approaches to patient care.

Dr Virk is very passionate about dentistry and wants to further his patient life to a new level by improving one smile at a time because everyone sees the smile and it changes people’s lives.


If you’re experiencing a dental pain emergency, it’s important to contact Avenue Dental immediately. We prioritize urgent care to alleviate pain and address the issue promptly. Don’t wait, as dental emergencies can worsen if not treated quickly.
Our emergency dental care clinic at Avenue Dental provides comprehensive services to address a variety of urgent dental issues. This includes treatment for severe toothaches, broken or knocked-out teeth, and infections. Our goal is to offer prompt relief and effective solutions for all dental emergencies.
If you have a dental emergency after our regular business hours, please fill out the form on this page and our treatment coordinator will be in touch with you as soon as possible to schedule your appointment.
Absolutely. As a trusted dentist in Spokane Valley, Dr. Virk and the team at Avenue Dental are well-equipped to handle all types of dental emergencies with prompt, compassionate, and effective care. We’re dedicated to restoring your dental health and comfort as quickly as possible.
At Avenue Dental, we strive to see patients experiencing a dental emergency on the same day they call. Our prompt response ensures that you receive the necessary care to relieve pain and address the emergency without delay.

We will happily contact you within 24 hours...for urgent needs please contact us at one of our offices below.

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