Cosmetic Dentistry in North Spokane and Spokane Valley

Cosmetic Dentist in North Spokane and Spokane Valley

Cosmetic or tooth bonding is a colored resin used to repair or strengthen a tooth by use of a special light. Unlike other forms of tooth repair, the cosmetic bonding method helps the tooth as it bonds with the other teeth and takes their natural. Cosmetic dental bonding can be used to perform different tasks on a tooth depending on the patient’s problem.

What is Cosmetic Bonding Used For?

Cavity Filling
Teeth may develop cavities due to you eating too many sugary foods or poor dental, oral hygiene. When a cavity develops, it can cause a lot of pain, especially when eating. Cosmetic bonding is used in these cases to fill cavities in teeth.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth
Some people use their teeth to open soda bottles. This puts a lot of strain on your teeth. After some time, the tooth may crack or chip and fall off. Resin is used to restore a tooth that has chipped to its natural structure or cover a crack.

Teeth Discoloration
Compounds in water and some food colors usually lead to teeth discoloration. When your front teeth are discolored, you may have a hard time smiling in front of people. Cosmetic bonding helps clean off discolored teeth and restore them to their natural white color.

Irregular Teeth Spacing

Spaces in between teeth are usually not equal. Some teeth are close together while others are farther apart. This irregular spacing bothers many people and often leads them to seek medical attention. Dentists usually use cosmetic bonding to reduce these spaces as the resin used bonds completely with the teeth.

Make Your Teeth Longer
Everyone has different perceptions of what constitutes beauty. Some people think if you have longer teeth, then your teeth look better. Thanks to cosmetic bonding, you can have your teeth made longer without the fear of them breaking. On the other hand, resin can be used to change the shape of the teeth to your specifications.

Over time a part of the gum may recede, leaving a tooth root exposed. This exposed tooth root needs to be covered up to protect the tooth. Resin can be used to cover the exposed area and protect the root of the tooth from damage.

The Cosmetic Bonding Procedure

Tooth bonding is an easy process of repairing teeth compared to processes like crowning which can take a lot of time to complete. Bonding can be done in a day’s visit, ensuring the patient does not continue suffering unnecessarily. Dental bonding typically does not require any anesthesia, however anesthesia is necessary when filling cavities because contact is made with the sensitive gum.

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