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The word “surgery” often brings to mind a stay in the hospital, general anesthesia, and perhaps a lengthy recovery period. However, the experience of having oral surgery is usually very different from that. Oral surgery is often performed in a dental office setting, under local anesthesia, with minimal recovery time. Oral Surgery can range from routine procedures such as tooth extractions and implant placement to more complex jaw realignment surgeries and emergency care for facial trauma.

Oral Surgery Procedures

Oral surgery procedures may be performed to relieve pain, treat an infection or trauma, restore function or improve a person’s appearance. Procedures and conditions that we treat can include:

    • Tooth Extractions – There are might be a variety of reasons that a tooth being pulled makes sense. You may be dealing with a decayed/dead tooth, an impacted wisdom tooth, or even teeth that are becoming overcrowded that might also need orthodontic treatment.
    • Dental Implants – The preferred method of tooth replacement is a titanium dental implant. This piece of equipment is placed beneath the gum line and into the jawbone during a surgical dental procedure. The implant is then attached to a natural looking dental crown that is visible above the gum line and looks just like a normal tooth.
    • Oral Diagnosis & Biopsies – When a suspicious oral lesion is found, a biopsy is performed to detect or rule out oral cancer. This disease is treatable and reversible is detected early. A biopsy involves removing a very small tissue sample for laboratory analysis.
    • Corrective Jaw Surgery – Sometimes a person’s jaws don’t fit together properly and this can cause pain and an irregular bite. A jaw that is misaligned can negatively affect appearance and function.
    • Snoring & Sleep Apnea – Excess tissue in the back of the throat may need to be removed in certain individuals with sleep apnea.
    • TMD – When home remedies fail to relieve chronic jaw pain caused by temporomandibular joint issues, surgery should be considered and might be necessary.
    • Reconstructive Surgery – Facial injuries can negatively affect a person’s ability to eat, drink, and act regularly in social settings. Teeth that have been knocked out can be replaced with dental implants.
    • Cleft Lip/Palate – These birth defects are very common and are estimated to affect about one in 500-700 babies worldwide. With proper surgical treatment, the child has an great chance of leading a healthy, confident, and normal life.

What you should expect during the procedure

Before your oral surgery is performed, x-rays will be taken to aid in figuring out a treatment plan. We will be able to give a you detailed explanation about your procedure and anesthetic options. When we go over the details of what your procedure entails, please feel free to voice any questions or concerns.  Recovery will depend on what treatment you receive as well as your oral and overall health. Please let us know at this point what types of medications you might be taking whether over the counter or prescription. Also let our office know of any chronic health conditions you might have and if you are a smoker. This will ensure your health and safety!



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