Last Time You Pay: Our Warranty to You

We believe that the investment you have made in quality dental services deserves to be guaranteed. We set a very high standard for our care and we are very proud of the treatment that we have provided for you. We are so confident in the high level of quality that we provide to our patients that we guarantee work which we perform. We will adjust, repair, replace, or refund, at our discretion*, free of charge, due to material defect, as long as all other recommended work is completed and all preventive hygiene procedures are performed at recommended intervals.

  • All crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays are guaranteed for five years. Fillings are guaranteed for three years. Removable appliances such as partials, dentures and occlusal guards are guaranteed for three years. Implants are guaranteed for ten years.
  • Maintaining optimum oral health is a team effort. This warranty is void if you are more than two months overdue for your recommended preventive hygiene appointment in this office.

*Damage caused by poor habits such as bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), dental disease such as periodontal disease or decay, accidental trauma, or normal wear and tear is not covered.

In order for warranty to be valid:

  • Patient must be seen for continuing care as prescribed and can not be more that 2 months past due.
  • Patient must complete treatment as recommended by the dentist (e.g.: If a patient received veneers and did not follow recommendation of an occlusal guard and veneers need to be re-cemented or are fracturing, then the warranty is void).