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Composite Fillings

Dental cavities can cause great discomfort when eating or drinking cold or hot fluids. Cavities, if not treated, can lead to bigger grooves and can damage the tooth as a whole. Consuming sugary foods and poor dental, oral hygiene are the biggest causes of dental cavities. Fillings are usually used to cover these cavities and prevent them from spreading further into the tooth. Fillings are typically of different types and their preferences vary from patient to patient.


Advantages of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings, unlike other fillings, usually provide a more natural feeling and look on teeth. The fillings are usually made of ceramics and plastic compounds. Ceramics make it possible to change the color of the filling to suit the requirements of the patient.

Compared to other fillings, composite fillings are usually a bit more expensive. They are more complex when used to fill a cavity hence the filling procedure takes longer to complete. The main reason is that, unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings require a tooth to be clean and dry throughout the procedure.

When you go to get your tooth filled and settle for composite fillings, you choose which color to be used on your tooth. These fillings have a wide range of colors from which a patient can choose from.


Advancements of Composite Fillings

Using composite materials for the rear teeth was a big problem in the past. This was a result of the weak nature of composite compounds. Advancements in technology have made it possible for composite feelings to be stronger and more capable to be used as filling for the rear teeth. The hind teeth are usually used to do a lot of chewing. This exerts a lot of pressure on the filling hence they have to be strong and durable.

Composite resin is made up of components that easily coexist teeth for a strong and permanent bond that strengthens the teeth as a whole. Amalgam fillings generally rely on the nature of the hole to hold in the filling. On the other hand, composite fillings bond with the teeth to create a new and strong surface that is difficult to break.

Composite resin fillings do away with the painful option of tooth removal. When you visit the dentist, there are now several options that you choose from. Having your tooth removed is a painful experience and leaves you with more problems that end up requiring more money to fix.


Uses of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings can be used to perform several operations on your tooth depending on the nature of the problem. Composite filling can repair broken, worn out or even chipped teeth, benefits that amalgam fillings can’t provide.

These fillings are environment friendly. When used, amalgam fillings get chipped off and these particles containing mercury are washed to the environment. Dentists are also protected from mercury exposure. Amalgam fillings also produce mercury vapor when drilled being prepared.

Though composite fillings may not last as long as amalgam fillings they are a better way to fill cavities. If you have a chipped tooth or cavity in your tooth, please book an appointment with us and have your issue resolved.


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