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CEREC Same-Day Crowns

When someone has one or several missing teeth it can cause discomfort when eating and difficulties interacting with people. Teeth can be lost due to all sorts of reasons. You can be involved in an accident, develop a chronic gum disease, or even have oral surgery to remove a tumor that results in the loss of several teeth.

In the past, when you went to have a new crown to fill the space left by missing teeth, it regularly took three weeks to have a new crown made. To hold the space in the meantime, a patient would be given a temporary crown to use as the permanent crown was being made.

Getting the exact, natural color of the patient’s teeth was also a problem. After the two to three weeks were over, a patient would at times find that the crown made was not a perfect fit and had to go home without it.

Thanks to today’s technology, cosmetic dentistry has become easier and more effective. This is made possible by a machine called Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC). The CEREC incorporates Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing technology to come up with a new crown.


How CEREC Works

By use of a special camera, your dentist takes 3D images of the missing or damaged tooth. The camera takes accurate and high resolution photos. With the help of computer aided design, your dentist is able to easily design a restoration crown. After the restoration is created on the machine, computer aided manufacturing technology is then used to mold the restoration.

Due to the fast nature of CEREC, the process is completed as the patient waits. The final product contains the natural color of your teeth, making it compatible with the rest of the teeth in your mouth.


Advantages of CEREC

The long processes that patients went through to get a new crown have now been streamlined with CEREC. You are able to get a new crown that fits perfectly and is an exact color match to that of your natural teeth the same day.

The crown made by the machine uses material that does not react with your mouth, making it safe to use. It is natural looking and strengthened to resist plaque in the mouth which helps it last longer. Before CEREC was brought into the market, intensive research was done to ensure that the technology was suitable to be used on people.

Patients that have benefited from the technology are witnesses to its safe nature and its efficiency and effectiveness. If you have been afraid to get your teeth replaced due to the lengthy processes of getting a crown, CEREC is for you.


At Avenue Dental Care, we specialize in the CEREC method, so book an appointment for your CEREC consultation today. You can also call our Spokane, WA dental practice (509.467.8000) or our Spokane Valley, WA dental practice (509.926.1500) today. There is no need to hide your smile due to a missing or several missing teeth. Seek medical attention and have a new crown fill the spaces immediately.