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03.20.2018 Carrie OI have been taking my family to this office for 2 years now. I have had many dentists through my life. Dr. Mitchell is the only one I have thought of as my favorite. The part that helps the most is his gentle way of administering the shot. I barely feel it. I have always felt welcomed by the office staff and treated well. I would recommend this dentist to anyone. We only see Dr Mitchell so I can't comment on any other dentists working there. The hygienists are knowledgeable, kind and gentle also.

03.20.2018 Zoe M: Avenue dental care was spectacular! I went in for a cleaning and it was wonderful! The hygienist and Dr were both amazing!!! I will always go back! Thanks again!

03.20.2018 Morgan B: Awesome dental office! Great doctors and amazing staff! Highly recommend.

03.12.2018   Tom S: This is the best dentist office I have ever been to. Hands down the nicest people from the hygienist to the dentist they are nice, kind and more than willing to talk to me. I don’t know what else I could ask for in a dentist office!

03.12.2018   Zoe S: I just had my teeth cleaned and examined by Dr Jackson and they were FABULOUS! I wouldn't recommend anywhere else. The cleaning was the very best cleaning I have ever had. My husband is going this weekend and I'm excited for him! Thank you again Avenue!!

03.12.2018   Alex M: Avenue Dental Care is wonderful! They take payment plans, work well with patients, pass no judgment, and do amazing dental work. I highly recommend.

03.09.2018   Stacia M: Amazing place to go. Staff super friendly. Great office space always clean. A dentist that actually listens and is easy to talk too and just makes everything go smoothly. And isn’t a big grump and tries to hurry you out the door.

03.09.2018   Becky P: Great place to get all of your dental work done!!